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Shelter an orphan child with love and bring him home

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For my birthday this year I'd like my present to be giving back a speck of love to those who need it most - orphan children. After doing some research, the "Hope and Homes Romania" foundation has won my trust in how they approach this abysmal subject. Their mission is to close down the old-fashioned orphanages and give these kids a chance to grow up in an environment close to a real home. This involves a lot of coordinated efforts, whether it's provide their families with the means to raise them; offer nurturing foster care until they can be reintegrated into a new family or place them in small group homes.  

These children have so many needs - housing, care, education, emotional support, counselling to overcome their tribulations and develop the skills to one day become independent... All of this - and much more - is the mission of Hope and Homes and I need your help to support them on this journey.   

If you have a dime to spare and were waiting for a good occasion to do good, this is your chance. On their website you can find much more on what these amazing people do, as well as real numbers (closed down institutions and other achievements) published in their annual reports. You can be sure your money will go a long way helping a child in need.  

Thank you for giving this a moment of your time and if you decide to contribute to this fundraiser, I couldn't be more grateful.

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Hope and Homes for Children România

Hope and Homes for Children România este o organizaţie non-guvernamentală cu o experienţă de peste 21 ani în reforma sistemului de protecţie a copilului din România. 

Locul copiilor este în familie, nu în orfelinat

Noi credem că iubirea, afecțiunea și atașamentul familiei sunt ingredientele miraculoase pentru orice copil, cu atât mai mult pentru cei care se află în situații de vulnerabilitate: în orfelinate sau în medii cu sărăcie extremă.


Daruieste ziua ta ~ 2020

Vine ziua ta. Este momentul în care ești în centrul atenției prietenilor, cunoscuților, familiei. Toata lumea te întreabă ce iți dorești să primești cadou, dar tu știi că ai tot ce îți

8 Donatii

Sa se faca target-ul, love you!
19 Feb 2020


50 RON
La multi ani !
19 Feb 2020
La multi ani Alex! Laura si Raluca :*
18 Feb 2020


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La multi ani! Frumoasa initiativa, bravo.
18 Feb 2020
17 Feb 2020
La multi ani, minune!❤️
17 Feb 2020
La multi ani, suflet bun
17 Feb 2020