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We run for children at Berlin International Marathon

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Alex and Georgi are passionate explorers, known for their joined adventures. Climbing the top of Africa, diving with great white sharks near Australia, getting lost in Atacama desert, Chile or proclaiming “Bulmania” as an independent republic in the heart of Seoul, South Korea…you name it. 

This time they team-up again to support people in need! 

Children in need to be more exact. The children supported by Hope and Homes for Children, the NGO that wants every child to grow up in a loving family and not in orphanages.

Both of them will have to train hard for 24 weeks to compete at 44th Berlin Marathon. On top of it Alex will have to loose about 6-7kg while Georgi wants to beat his PR of 3hr 32min.

Challenge Accepted!

Alex & Georgi

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Hope and Homes for Children România

Hope and Homes for Children România este o organizaţie non-guvernamentală cu o experienţă de peste 21 ani în reforma sistemului de protecţie a copilului din România. 

O casă și o familie pentru fiecare copil

Hope and Homes for Children îşi bazează întreaga activitate pe un crez puternic: viaţa departe de părinți, în orfelinate distruge copilării şi limitează şansele copiilor de a se dezvolta normal şi de a avea o viaţă împlinită şi fericită.


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